Alliance era: Another ineffective solution to a bigger problem

Brexit pacts: The latest desperate attempt to game a broken first-past-the-post system

The battle over Brexit now dominates everything, but Remain vs Leave alliances just blot out other important political differences.

Fake news: Targeted campaigning of advertisers seems to have marked effect.

Our fight against fake news is starting to turn the tide

People feel a sense of hopelessness when it comes to the post-truth era, but we've struck on a tactic that works.

Fortress Britain: Residency requirements often make it hard to young people to stay legitimately in the UK.

The next Windrush: Relentless Home Office immigration fees try to drive out young Brits

Government campaign ratchets up price of application fees until staying in the UK becomes financially impossible for young people.

New Lib Dem MP Jane Dodds celebrates with supporters as she wins the the Brecon and Radnorshire by-election

Week in Review: The Remain alliance claims its first scalp

Crucial byelection win provides proof-of-concept for a broader electoral campaign.


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