The question for Labour pro-deal MPs is whether they trust Boris Johnson

Labour pro-dealers: The question is, do you trust Boris Johnson?

The deal is stacked so that the prime minister can go with the ERG or Labour MPs once it's passed. Which seems more likely?

London march: Hundreds of thousands are expected to gather in the capital to demand a second referendum on Saturday.

Saturday showdown: Why I'm marching

Hundreds of thousands expected to pour into London for People's Vote march.

A Brexit deal would rule out a no-deal outcome, which has prompted alarm among businesses.

A question of priorities: We urgently need a deal

A no deal would plunge the country into chaos - it's time to agree on something.

Countdown: The Brexit saga reaches a crescendo on Saturday.

Saturday is the most important day in the entire Brexit saga

After years of constant battling, constitutional crises, divided families, political implosions and crunching, endless negotiations, events are finally about to reach their crescendo.


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