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BASC welcomes review of habitat management course

The announcement that the new T Level responsible for educating future gamekeepers and land managers has been paused to reassess its specialist course structure has been warmly welcomed by the British Association for Shooting and Conservation (BASC). The new course, Habitat management (land and water), has been earmarked to replace the current land & wildlife… Read more »

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Plans to limit legal fees in dental claims a welcome first step says DDU

Plans to limit legal fees in dental claims a welcome first step says DDU Responding to the publication of a government consultation on limiting claimant’s legal fees for cases valued up to £25,000, John Makin, head of the DDU, said: “This consultation has been a long time coming and is a welcome first step. However, for a… Read more »

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Tuition fees a touchy subject for Lib Dem conference
Clegg faces hostile tuition fees reception

By Alex Stevenson Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg was accused of “weasel words” as his equivocal stance on tuition fees troubled delegates in Bournemouth. Mr Clegg was asked about his position on the Lib Dems’ long-standing policy to scrap tuition fees for higher education during a question-and-answer session at conference. The leader made clear in… Read more »

Richard Dawkins, author of 'The God delusion', is backing the amendment
Lib Dems challenge British libel law

By Ian Dunt The Liberal Democrats are gearing up to launch an anti-libel agenda at the next general election, with an amendment to a policy motion on civil liberties being proposed to conference today by Richard Dawkins. The party allowed Professor Dawkins to address the conference, despite not being a party member, which formed an… Read more »