Clegg attacks Cameron ‘the con man’

By Ian Dunt

Nick Clegg has launched a blistering attack on David Cameron at the opening ceremony of the Liberal Democrat conference.

As party members from across the country gathered in Bournemouth this afternoon, Mr Clegg told delegates that only the Liberal Democrats could offer voters real change.

“Labour’s time is up, and they’ve let the country down,” he said.

“We’ve already replaced them as the leading progressive party in the battle of ideas.

“The Tories simply believe it’s their turn. That they don’t have to work for it, they don’t have to prove themselves.”

In a speech which focused its rhetorical attacks on the presumed winners of the next general elections, Mr Clegg continue: “David Cameron is the conman of British politics.

“He’s put the con back into the Conservatives. Just telling people what they want to hear.”

The speech comes after several prominent statements highlighting the party’s attraction to Labour voters, in a sign Mr Clegg is looking ahead to the next ten year in an attempt to replace Labour as the main opposition party.