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Covid-19 has led to global humanist crackdown

The Covid-19 pandemic has led to many countries cracking down on humanists’ freedom of thought and expression, with some countries blaming the non-religious for the pandemic, while the restrictions imposed by many others have left closeted humanists trapped with their hostile families. Those are the findings of this year’s Freedom of Thought Report, published today… Read more »

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Gordon Brown could double Labour's Commons majority, a poll published today reveals
Poll shows Brown could double Labour majority

Gordon Brown could double Labour’s Commons majority, a poll published today reveals. The poll, by the Telegraph and YouGov, finds the prime minister’s lead over the Conservatives has risen significantly over the past three months, with 41 per cent of Britons saying they would vote Labour if there was an election, compared with 32 per… Read more »

The SNP ran their election promising a referendum on independence
SNP threaten independence white paper

The Scottish National Party (SNP) will publish a white paper on a referendum for Scottish independence within two weeks, party sources have confirmed. The pledge confirms what the SNP had promised throughout its election campaign, but has already provoked strong reactions from other parties in the Scottish Assembly. Any referendum could only be triggered following… Read more »