Cable: Tories will break up the UK

By Ian Dunt

A Tory government could lead to the dissolution of the United Kingdom, Vince Cable has said.

In a dire forecast of what life would be like under the Conservatives, the Lib dem Treasury Spokesman claimed tension between the Scottish and Westminster government would derail the Union

“In a few years time, assuming that as some people do the Conservatives win the next general election, we will face a constitutional crisis in the UK,” he told a packed fringe meeting hosted by the Guardian.

“There is a serious threat of a scenario coming where we would get a Conservative government with probably one of two Scottish MPs, but with no mandate north of the border.”

Mr Cable spoke of a “Scottish government coming to loggerheads with a Conservative government that doesn’t really want to bother with all those nationals and Labour MPs north of the border”.

He added: “This would be a tragedy as I believe the creation of the union of the United Kingdom to have been one of our greatest achievements.

Mr Cable argued the Lib Dem’s commitment to a federal system of government with fully devolved governments was the only solution to the current tension.

“Unless we grasp this we will see a constitutional crisis that could ultimately lead to the secession of Scotland from the union,” he concluded.

“We could end up with a break up of the UK.”