Griffin: BNP will change its membership policy

By Ian Dunt

The leader of the BNP has confirmed he intends to change the party’s membership policy so that it allows non-whites in.

The party was in court yesterday after the Equality Human Rights Council (EHRC) tried to have an injunction brought against it for its whites-only membership policy.

The case was adjourned for six weeks and the BNP forced to pay costs after it emerged they had not briefed their legal team properly.

Now, Mr Griffin claims the six weeks will be spent trying to establish a consensus within the party on the need to change the rules.

“The CEHR [sic] move is a deadly serious threat to our very existence,” Mr Griffin said.
“Either we shift our position or we will be utterly crushed.”

The party is concerned that regardless of the final court ruling, the upcoming equalities bill, which consolidates all previous equality legislation, will anyway outlaw its current criteria for membership.

“Whatever steps we take, it is now crystal clear to all concerned that we simply do not have a choice,” Mr Griffin continued.

“I have no doubt that it is possible to redraft our constitution so as to ensure we comply with the new law while at the same time holding true to our core principles and most important of all to our purpose.”

Rewriting the BNP constitution requires two-thirds agreement from the membership.