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A diminished special relationship? But Obama and Cameron have a lot to agree on

Britain and America: Drifting apart?

Confirmation of the Chilcot inquiry delay plays right into David Cameron's hands: it's hiding just how strained Britain's special relationship with America is right now.

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  • ESRC: UK brains are under threat

    The British appetite for zombies is becoming a growing trend. From computer games and films to organised zombie walks though Britain’s cities, the proliferation of zombies seems to be everywhere. Yet, this high interest in zombies enables researchers to link zombie-like behaviours to current models of public attitudes and actions.

  • Artificial Intelligence and International Affairs: Disruption Anticipated

    Artificial Intelligence – or AI – is often in the headlines, but both the term itself and what it means are contentious.

  • BHA: No room for creationism in science lessons

    The British Humanist Association (BHA) has responded today to the findings of a survey finding 54% Briton's agreed with the view that "Evolutionary theories should be taught in science lessons in schools together with other possible perspectives, such as intelligent design and creationism."

  • BASC says deactivated firearms proposal needs to be deferred

    BASC is recommending that any decision which affects the ownership of deactivated firearms should be deferred until a report has been received from the National Intelligence Ballistics Service (NaBIS).

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