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William Hague outlines the Conservatives' answer to the West Lothian Question today

Tories want to ram home Evel - whatever the other parties think

The Conservative approach to English votes for English laws (Evel) isn't about finding the answer to a difficult question any more. It's about winning the general election.

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  • Bitter enemies, shaking hands for the cameras

    David Cameron declares war on Scotland

    The independence referendum may have been lost, but the SNP continues to slowly advance towards its ultimate goal. David Cameron's partisan selfishness is slowly driving Britain apart.

  • David Cameron promised English votes for English laws 'in tandem' with Scottish devolution

    MPs shatter David Cameron's EVEL promise

    Bitterly partisan and failing to display any signs of agreement, MPs' failure to rise to the occasion on English votes for English laws shows they are beyond redemption.

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