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2,018 asylum-seeking children  were returned to Afghanistan when they turned 18, according to new figures

The Home Office admits it deported twice as many children to dangerous countries as it thought it had

The government has deported over twice as many 18-year-olds to dangerous countries as it previously thought, according to an embarrassing admission from a Home Office minister.

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  • Protesters gathered at Regents Park mosque before heading to the US embassy to protest over the film.

    Muslim anti-film protest hits London

    The worldwide Muslim protests against a film insulting the Prophet Mohammed reached London yesterday, when up to 1,500 people demonstrated outside the US embassy in Grosvenor Square.

  • British lives are no longer in danger - but the impact of the intervention continues to affect Libyans

    Was it really worth going into Libya?

    Britain's military power has already helped oust three regimes this century. The bleak outlook in Libya, Iraq and Afghanistan forces us to ask again: was it really worth it?

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