Yvette Cooper: ‘The PM is veering around like a shopping trolley on migration’

Reacting to the new five-point plan for migration announced today by the home secretary in the House of Commons, Yvette Cooper accused the prime minister of veering around “like a shopping trolley”.

She said: “The previous prime minister was accused of being a shopping trolley, veering around from one side to the other. The current Prime Minister is clearly veering, but he certainly isn’t steering.

“He’s just climbed into someone else’s shopping trolley and he’s being pushed around all over the place. So can the home secretary tell us where is the workforce plan on social care, on engineering, on bricklaying, on all the shortage occupations that their total economic failure has left us with?”.

She added: “The Conservatives are in chaos. They’ve got no serious plan for the economy, no serious plan for the immigration system, no serious plan for the country. Britain deserves better than this”.