Chris Bryant: ‘It is Suella Braverman who is the one inciting hatred’

Labour MP for Rhondda Sir Chris Bryant today in the House of Commons accused home secretary Suella Braverman of inciting “hatred”.

He said: “Isn’t the truth of the matter, though, there is no place for hate in the Home Office …. And the problem with the present home secretary is that she’s the person who is inciting hatred in this country”.

Policing minister Chris Philip, called to the commons to answer shadow home secretary Yvette Cooper’s urgent question on the operational independence of the police, responded: “Yes, look, I think I agree that hatred, of course, has no place on our streets. I said that repeatedly. And but equally it is proper for politicians both, you know – this is an unfolding event”.

He added: “It’s reasonable for the home secretary to try to ensure and the communities feel safe and protected and that’s what she was trying to do.”

The game Suella Braverman is playing