May Day protests across Britain

By staff

Protests are taking place across Britain as campaigners rally for traditional May Day demonstrations.

A ‘May-Hem’ protest on Britain’s roads by bikers angry at high petrol prices is expected to disrupt traffic on roads in the Manchester area. A ‘go-slow’ convoy of hundreds of motorbikes could prevent fast-moving traffic.

In London, the GMB union is marking international workers’ day by focusing on sex workers.

And in Ireland May Day celebrations at the Red Flag Monument will feature Arthur Scargill as the main speaker.

Transport union RMT will be taking part in rallies across the country, but its main focus is also on Ireland as its brass band leads the May Day march in Belfast.

“In the UK, we cannot afford to wait for the politicians to unleash a £50 billion slash and burn attack on our public services, our jobs and our living standards after May 6th” general secretary Bob Crow said.

“We have to start the fight back now and that means concerted action by trade unions to resist the all out assault that we know is coming. May Day, International Workers Day, is a perfect rallying point.”