Brown: I will fight like my life depends on it

By Ian Dunt

Gordon Brown is preparing to fight like his life depended on it, he confirmed today.

The prime minister made the comment at a press conference designed to capitalise on the leaders’ debate last night.

Pundits were generally impressed with Mr Brown’s performance, which most considered far better than his appearance last week.

“I believe there’s one leader in this campaign with the experience, the judgement, to be trusted at this time,” he said.

“That is why I will fight like my life depended on it to get a majority Labour government.”

Mr Brown highlighted improved GDP figures released today as proof Labour made “the big calls right”.

“For all the hype and excitement of yesterday, today is a more important moment,” he said.

“As today’s GDP figures make clear the recovery is definitely underway. This campaign has already made clear the Conservatives are a risk to that recovery.

“I say to both parties you cannot expect the public to put a cross beside a question mark.”

The prime minister has staked much of his appeal on sober, experienced handling of the financial crisis, and today’s GDP figures will help corroborate that tactic.

Speaking after the prime minister, Peter Mandelson branded Mr Cameron and Mr Clegg “a couple of schoolboys”.