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Tory backbenchers were delighted by David Cameron's performance in this week's PMQs

PMQs verdict: Miliband's smile froze on his lips

Ed Miliband thought he was on to a winner - but somehow the Labour leader missed yet another opportunity to make David Cameron look stupid

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  • Politics very rarely gets this sort of reaction, to be honest

    The Week in Review: Same-olds and surprises

    This week some shockers appeared from nowhere, bubbling up from the Westminster news swamp. And emitting a thoroughly unpleasant smell.

  • Nigel Evans' exit from the deputy Speaker job left MPs uncertain how to react

    Sketch: Downfall of a deputy

    The discomfort in the Commons chamber was palpable. MPs just didn't know how to respond to the dramatic, emotionally-laden resignation speech from deputy Speaker Nigel Evans.

  • It's not quite the Ashes, but prime minister's questions will have to do

    PMQs as it happened

    David Cameron continued his coruscating attacks on the Labour-union fiasco in PMQs this lunchtime. Review how Ed Miliband coped here.

  • Ed Miliband was left defenceless and vulnerable by Falkirk's selection farrago

    PMQs verdict: Labour bludgeoned into submission

    Unite's alleged machinations in Falkirk left Ed Miliband defenceless and vulnerable - and David Cameron showed no mercy as he brutally rammed his advantage down the Labour party's throat.

  • Prime minister's questions as it happens - May 15th 2013

    PMQs as it happened

    Deputy prime minister Nick Clegg covered for David Cameron at PMQs this week. Review his progress in fielding questions from MPs here.

  • Not one of the most subtle images, but you get the idea

    The week in review: Welcome to Ukip's parallel universe

    Britain entered a parallel universe this week, where Ukip rule the country and Nigel Farage is prime minister. It has felt a little bit like Westminster is being turned upside down and violently shaken.

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