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Conservative party members listen to David Cameron in Birmingham, October 2014

Learning to let go: How opening up parties could save them

The Conservative and Labour parties are dying a painfully slow death – but there is a way out, a report out today suggests.

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  • Ed Miliband's final PMQs of 2014 contained hints the worst is behind him

    PMQs verdict: Finally, Miliband's long wait is over

    It's been a hellish 51 months for Ed Miliband. Ever since being elected as leader of the opposition he's faced periodic claims that he's just not very good at his job. Now, just when it matters most, the evidence from today's prime minister's questions suggests that's suddenly going to stop mattering.

  • Nigel Farage received help from an unlikely ally this lunchtime

    PMQs verdict: Playing into Ukip's hands

    There is deep disquiet in Westminster after this week's prime minister's questions, with MPs on both sides of the House speaking out against their party leaders for helping Ukip.

  • Nigel Evans' exit from the deputy Speaker job left MPs uncertain how to react

    Sketch: Downfall of a deputy

    The discomfort in the Commons chamber was palpable. MPs just didn't know how to respond to the dramatic, emotionally-laden resignation speech from deputy Speaker Nigel Evans.

  • Energy bills will rise under Labour, Chris Grayling claims

    Living standards: Politics' new frontline heats up

    Labour's living standards offensive faces a concerted counter-attack from the Conservatives, with Chris Grayling accusing Ed Miliband of a "shamefaced attempt to rewrite history".

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