The Political Agenda – Green Party co-leader – Carla Denyer


In the first episode of a new series called ‘The Political Agenda’, speaks to Carla Denyer, co-leader of the Green Party.

Denyer, a Green councillor in Bristol and widely-tipped to become the Green Party’s second-ever MP in 2024, has had a successful 2021 after becoming co-leader of the party (with Adrian Ramsay) in a hard-fought contest.

Denyer and Ramsay’s bid to professionalise the party and help the Greens become a stronger electoral force has been aided by a strong set of local election results in 2021, along with environmental matters becoming a key concern for the electorate following the pledges made at COP26.

Carla talks about why the Greens current strong polling is “no flash in the pan”, admiring Diane Abbott, and the party’s electoral ambitions in 2024.