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Sir Vince Cable arrives on stage to deliver his keynote speech at the Liberal Democrat annual conference at the Bournemouth International Centre this afternoon

Vince Cable speech: A tired contribution which misunderstands this moment in history

Vince Cable is right about almost everything, but it doesn't matter.

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  • Top ten political gaffes of 2013:  2 - A Lib Dem 'press officer'

    Top ten political gaffes of 2013: 2 - A Lib Dem 'press officer'

    The Liberal Democrats had just shaken up their press office team when a monstrous howler of an error took place. Not much was actually happening at the party's autumn conference in Glasgow, so it came as quite a surprise to the journalists gathered in the city to find the Lib Dems' secret 'lines to take' document emailed around.

  • Nick Clegg: Stuck in the middle

    Analysis: Clegg's flawed Labour attack

    There's not much that's original about Nick Clegg's latest assault on Labour - but as 2015 approaches, the context for his salvoes of contempt are shifting.

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