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MDU scrutinising revised guidance for doctors on good medical practice

Responding to today’s announcement that the GMC is seeking views on a revised version of Good medical practice, the Medical Defence Union (MDU) said that it will be scrutinising the significant changes being proposed. The MDU, the UK’s leading medical defence organisation, explained that regulations must be compatible with the realities of doctors’ working lives and… Read more »

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BASC expels member for wildlife crime and firearms offences

BASC, the UK’s largest shooting and conservation organisation, has expelled for life a member convicted of wildlife crime and firearms offences. Expulsion from BASC involves the loss of shooting insurance, on which the ability to shoot may depend, and other benefits of membership. The member from Nottinghamshire pleaded guilty to unlawfully trapping and beating to… Read more »

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Top ten political gaffes of 2013:  2 - A Lib Dem 'press officer'
Top ten political gaffes of 2013: 2 – A Lib Dem ‘press officer’

The Liberal Democrats had just shaken up their press office team when a monstrous howler of an error took place. Not much was actually happening at the party’s autumn conference in Glasgow, so it came as quite a surprise to the journalists gathered in the city to find the Lib Dems’ secret ‘lines to take’ document emailed around.

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Nick Clegg: Stuck in the middle
Analysis: Clegg’s flawed Labour attack

There’s not much that’s original about Nick Clegg’s latest assault on Labour – but as 2015 approaches, the context for his salvoes of contempt are shifting.