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Internet search engines have until October, PM warns

Losing patience: No 10 threatens search engines over child porn

David Cameron has threatened to legislate against internet search giants to force them to do more against online child pornography.

  • Ian Dunt: 'It takes bravery to get involved in something as messy and awkward as extreme porn. But that's when principles are truly tested.'

    Comment: Heads must roll for the porn trial

    First the Twitter joke trial, then the obscenity trial and now the porn trial. It is clear there is something seriously wrong at the Crown Prosecution Service.

  • Adults only? ISPs may have to impose blanket bans with an adult opt-in.

    Labour backs porn 'opt-in' proposal

    Labour tried to outmanoeuvre the Conservatives on the issue of pornography today, as it threw its support behind plans to force internet users to 'opt-in' to online sexual content.

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