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BASC responds to Scottish Government’s announcement on deer management

Scotland’s Net Zero Secretary today announced the government’s climate change plans, including details on how these new measures will affect deer management in Scotland. The Scottish Government has stated they ‘will build on the current Cairngorms Deer Pilot to develop a national scheme which incentivises increased management and investment in the venison supply chain’. Peter… Read more »

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Sunak defends the government’s policy on welfare. Without mentioning the universal credit cut directly, he says just increasing benefits, so that people “lean ever more on the state”, is not the best way to help people in the long term.
Week-in-Review: Are we entering a new phase in the Conservative psychodrama?

There was a time when Conservative MPs expressed their dissent sparingly and cannily. The fabled “Tory rebellion” was reserved for issues of particular moral pertinence or for irregular NIMBYism. Only very rarely did an MP calculate that political gain could be made through openly disparaging their own government.  Instead political careers were advanced through steady… Read more »