PMQs: One side ‘out of touch’, the other ‘champagne socialists’

During prime minister’s questions, deputy PM Dominic Raab and deputy Labour leader Angela Rayner held no punches in a feisty battle at the dispatch box. 

Rayner lauded Labour’s victory and the Conservative losses in last week’s by election, saying “it’s no wonder that the prime minister has fled the country”. The deputy leader of the opposition also took the opportunity to point out how “out of touch” the government are, with Raab having “spent £1 million in nine months on private jets”.

Raab defended the government’s record, pointing to the low unemployment in the UK. He also came back with the critique that Rayner was at a music festive “sipping champagne” rather than being at the picket line during the rail strikes. The deputy prime minister told the House of Commons “champagne socialism is black in the Labour Party”.