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Supervising provisionally registered dentists will increase workload and accountability, DDU says

The Dental Defence Union (DDU) has raised concerns about the increased workload and accountability for dentists taking on the supervision of provisionally registered colleagues who qualified overseas. Responding to Department of Health and Social Care provisional registration for overseas-qualified dentists the DDU says it has profound misgivings about whether the system being proposed is workable and practical from a workforce and patient safety… Read more »

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BASC challenges illegal move by West Mercia Police

BASC’s head of firearms Bill Harriman has written to the Chief Constable of West Mercia Police to challenge its decision to make all applications for firearms and shotgun certificates online only. The force announced this week that from 1 May printed applications would no longer be accepted. In a letter to Chief Constable Alex Murray,… Read more »

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At Labour Party conference, Keir Starmer faces his final frontier

On the surface, it would seem that Labour, of the two main parties competing for No 10, has the least work to do this conference season.  The party’s sustained polling advantage, averaging around 17 per cent over the Conservatives, would suggest Keir Starmer should be concerned, merely, with sealing the deal with the electorate this… Read more »