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Jersey Assembly votes for humane right to die law

Jersey’s States Assembly today approved a proposal to change the law on assisted dying for adult islanders with terminal or incurable conditions, who have a clear and settled wish to end their lives. Channel Islands Humanists, part of Humanists UK, which campaigns for a right to die for those with terminal or incurable illnesses, praised the debate… Read more »

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The Trident issue prompted a tough spat between Labour and the Lib dems today
Lib Dems: Labour position on Trident ‘desperate’

By politics.co.uk staff Labour’s position on Trident is “pretty desperate stuff”, according to the Liberal Democrat defence spokesman. The comments came at the end of the day which saw tit-for-tat attacks from Labour and the Lib Dems on the subject of Britain’s nuclear deterrent. Defence secretary Bob Ainsworth called the Lib Dem position “ridiculous” on… Read more »

Clarke warned of the market's reaction to a hung parliament today
Tories get the knives out to prevent Lib Dem vote

By politics.co.uk staff David Cameron has called for a “decisive” Tory victory after Nick Clegg’s strong leaders’ debate performance boosted the chances of a hung parliament. The Liberal Democrats’ strong showing means both Labour and the Conservatives are turning more attention to confronting the policies of Britain’s third party. But today the Tories indicated a… Read more »