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Senedd committee urged to review shooting’s important contribution

The British Association for Shooting and Conservation (BASC) has responded to the Senedd Economy, Trade, and Rural Affairs Committee consultation, asking for an enquiry to be undertaken into the contribution shooting makes to the Welsh economy.   BASC has asked that the enquiry also considers the Welsh Government’s policy towards shooting, following recent correspondence from… Read more »

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A supporter holds up a Lib Dem rosette mocking Gordon Brown's attempts to gang up with Clegg last Thursday
Cameron promises not to ‘go negative’

By Ian Dunt David Cameron has pledged to not go negative in his response to the Liberal Democrats’ surprising rise in the polls. Speaking in London to small businesses, Mr Cameron said: “People are asking me ‘how are you going to respond, what are you going to do, are you suddenly going to go negative?’… Read more »

Cameron: Decisive victory needed
Cameron: Vote Clegg, get Brown

By Ian Dunt David Cameron has again warned voters that a vote for Nick Clegg could leave Labour in power. “It is the Conservatives who offer decisive change, anything else and you risk being stuck with what you have got,” Mr Cameron said in an interview with the Guardian newspaper. The response comes as the… Read more »