Minor parties’ manifestos

By Sam Dale

With all the focus on the three main parties it’s easy to forget there are other ideas in this election. If you’re bored with the humdrum of mainstream political ideas then this taster of the minor parties’ manifestos should whet your appetite for radical thinking.

Green Party

The Green party pledges a shorter working week, more women in power, “organic” lifestyles and a world without nuclear weapons.

The “fairer society” proposals cost around £112 billion extra which will be funded by spending cuts and tax increases.

Suggested cuts include getting rid of nuclear programs, like Trident and a Robin Hood tax of 0.05% to be paid on every financial transaction.

They also propose reintroducing the 10p tax rate and cancelling the ceiling on National Insurance contributions.

Plaid Cymru

Plaid Cymru pledges to ‘protect the vulnerable’ in their manifesto by ploughing money into public services.

They want to raise money and reduce the financial deficit by scrapping nuclear weapons and ID cards.

The old age pension will increase from £130 per week to £202, and a fully electrical rail service will be developed. Localised energy production will be kick started in Wales.

Plaid would gradually withdraw forces from Afghanistan and push for greater autonomy for Wales.

Scottish National Party

The SNP will scrap nuclear weapons and ID cards and abolish the House of Lords and the Scotland Office.

They would increase the state pension in accordance with income and pledge to insure for free.

The foundations will be put in place for 60,000 new green jobs by 2020, the party said.

SNP candidates will pledge to a “community commitment” on accessibility, accountability and openness.

UK Independence party

Ukip promise withdrawal from the EU as their top priority, which they claim will save £120billion a year to cut the deficit and fund pledges.

The party would raise the tax threshold to £11,500, introduce a flat rate of income tax at 31% and phase out national insurance contributions.

It would also introduce an immediate five year freeze on immigration for permanent settlement.

The Human Rights Act would be scrapped, while the introduce of a ‘three strikes and your out’ pledge would lock up criminals on life sentences.

Democratic Unionist Party

The Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) plans include an innovative wealth generating export oriented economy.

It pledges to reduce corporation tax and to cut VAT to five per cent for construction work.

Massive cuts in advertising, consultants and PR in Westminster and an increase in the old age pension, also figure in the party’s plan.

A commitment to ensure armed forces’ equipment is kept up dated, together with upgraded living quarters and a dedicated hospital facility for British soldiers and veterans would also be introduced under the DUP agenda. Remembrance Day and Pride in Britain Day would be made public holidays.

British National Party

BNP leader Nick Griffin said he welcomes “decent ethnic minorities” since the party was forced to change its whites-only policy.

At the same time, the party wants to review all the citizenships granted from 1997 and make people “earn them”.

It will stop all immigration from Muslim countries and prevent mosques form being built. Non-European members of the public would be returned to their country of origin, regardless of whether they were born in the UK or not, under long-term BNP plans.


The Respect party promises to sack racist from the police, provide justice for those killed in custody and end discrimination in the criminal justice system.

It guarantees urgent action to address the underachievement of black children and others in schools, tougher penalties for employers who discriminate and the restoration of the Commission for Racial Equality as a specific race watchdog.

Sinn Fein

Manifesto is launched tomorrow.