The polls: Conservatives open a lead

By staff

In two new opinion polls the Conservatives are establishing a firmer lead over Labour and the Liberal Democrats, but still not quite enough for a majority.

In a Populus/Times poll the Tories are eight points ahead of the Lib Dems, close to being able to form a majority. The Conservatives have gained four points to go to 36%, with Lib Dems on 28% down three, and Labour down one on 27%.

Things are closer in the daily YouGov/Sun tracker, with the Conservatives making no gain on 33% but Labour and Lib Dems swapping places; Labour gaining a point, straight from their centre-left rivals to go to 29% with the Lib Dems a point behind.

Urban voters, however, do favour the Lib Dems. They have 33% in a Metro/Urban Life poll, with the Conservatives on 21% and Labour on 18%. Only ten per cent intend to vote for a minor party, and there are 18% undecided.