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People in wine clubs could be hit by the new bulk buying measures.

Alcohol strategy: Hospitals could shut down pubs

Local hospitals where A&Es are full of drinkers could get powers to spark reviews of pub and club licences, under new plans being formulated by the government.

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  • Government's own numbers show that alcohol is under-taxed

    New report reveals that alcohol taxes fail to reflect full social costs of drinking.

  • ESRC: Key lessons from history on alcohol taxes

    Steep rises in taxes on alcohol do not necessarily reduce consumption, according to research funded by the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) into the history of intoxicants in 16th and 17th century England.

  • Promoting alcohol responsibly

    The Portman Group explains the system of regulation of alcohol marketing in the UK, which occurs through collaboration, clear Codes of Practice, independent oversight, and support as well as sanctions.

  • The problems of cheap, high strength alcohol

    This animation from the Institute of Alcohol Studies explains how cheap, high strength alcohol products sold at low prices, have a devastating impact on underage and dependent drinkers' health, contributing to over a million hospitalisations and 23,000 deaths each year in England alone.

  • Drinkers could face tougher questioning from GPs according to the Nice guidelines

    Nice gets tough on drinkers

    An influential health watchdog has demanded minimum prices on alcohol and tough questions from GPs to patients on their intake as part of a drive to cut down on alcohol-related deaths.

  • He'd rather have a bitter: Cameron on alcohol

    Cameron: I haven't found a drink I don't like

    David Cameron has revealed his taste in alcohol during a question and answer session at Fuller's Brewery in west London.

  • The price of a pint: Neither party supports minimum pricing for alcohol, as is currently being debated in Scotland

    Labour and Tories go to war on alcohol

    Cut-price drinks nights and 'irresponsible promotions' were in the firing line of both the main parties today.

  • Drinking can stop you getting a good nights sleep

    Govt warns against boozy sleep

    The government is urging Britain's drinkers to realise the link between boozy evenings and a lack of sleep today, in a bid to tackle commonly held misbeliefs around the subject.

  • Ban on 'all you can drink' drink sales

    Ban on 'all you can drink' offers

    The government has announced a ban on 'all you can drink' promotions as part of a new strategy designed to crack down on crime and disorder.

  • Binge drinkers forced into counselling

    Binge drinkers forced into counselling

    People arrested for alcohol-related offences will be forced to undergo a referral process which includes counselling, Home Office minister Alan Campbell announced today.

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