Lisa Nandy during a recent Labour leadership hustings in Nottingham
06 April 2011 12:00 AM

Lisa Nandy

06 April 2011


Having been elected to Parliament in 2010, at first Lisa Nandy struggled to make a name for herself at Westminster. However she caught the media’s attention in 2016 as one of many resignations from Corbyn‘s frontbench.

As a candidate for the Labour Party Leadership in 2020, Nandy soon increased her national profile. Coming from relative obscurity, Nandy finished third behind Rebecca Long-Bailey and eventual winner Sir Keir Starmer.

Following his victory, Starmer made Nandy his Shadow Foreign Secretary.

Lisa Nandy

Political Career

Nandy was first elected to Parliament for the constituency of Wigan at the 2010 General Election as part of what was labelled a new ‘shiny’ generation of Labour MPs. Nandy was overlooked in early shadow Cabinet reshuffles, just as Chukka Umunna, her similarly ‘shiny’ office-mate, became shadow Business Secretary.

The best Nandy managed under Miliband was Shadow Minister for Charities and Civil Society.

Jeremy Corbyn subsequently appointed Nandy as Shadow Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change. Nandy held this position until 2016 when she resigned in protest to Corbyn’s leadership, alongside a number of other shadow Cabinet colleagues.

Nandy was approached to challenge Corbyn in the subsequent leadership election, but she opted not to do so. Instead she became co-chair of challenger Owen Smith’s campaign.

Just before the 2019 election, and with the opinion polls looking dire for Labour, Nandy began considering a Labour leadership bid. Commenting on the party’s failure at the 2019 election, Nandy said: ‘I saw it coming, but the scale was quite a surprise. It was breathtaking’.

In the 2020 Labour leadership election, Nandy secured only 16.2% of the vote, but her well-received campaign soon earned her the coveted Shadow Foreign Secretary brief.

Political Views

Nandy co-chaired Owen Smith’s 2016 challenge to Jeremy Corbyn and she was critical of the former Labour leader throughout his tenure. During her 2020 leadership campaign

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