Nandy suggests Labour is ‘moving North’ with reshuffle

Labour MP Lisa Nandy has suggested that her party is “moving North”, rather than moving to the political Right, following yesterday’s reshuffle.

The shake up saw Nandy moved from shadow foreign secretary to shadow secretary for levelling up, housing and communities, along with the return of Blair era ex-minister Yvette Cooper to the front bench as shadow home secretary.

When quizzed over whether the party was moving towards the centre-right, Ms Nandy told Sky News’ Breakfast programme: “We’re moving North; left or right, you can keep that debate. We’re going out into the country and we’re going to start delivering for people in towns, villages and cities that have been completely and utterly abandoned by the political system.”

“We are the Left,” she emphasised.

“You go to Grimsby, you go to Barnsley, you go to Aberdeen, you will find proud communities that have a contribution to make. But so often they are held back, not by the skills of their young people, not by the abilities in those communities, not by their own ambition, but by a national Government that isn’t investing in the infrastructure that would bring good jobs,” she explained.