The ‘facts for families will not change’ after autumn statement, says Labour

Speaking after leader of the House Penny Mordaunt delivered the weekly business statement today, Labour’s Lucy Powell said the “facts for families will not change” after autumn statement.

She said: “No matter what the Government do at this late stage, the facts for families will not change. Prices are up, tax is up, debt is up, mortgages are up, rent is up; that is their record, and nothing they said this week can change it.

“When people ask themselves whether they are better off after 13 years of a Conservative Government, the answer will be no”.

Penny Mordaunt responded: “The hon. Lady mentions the facts relating to the autumn statement and the OBR, and I am happy to remind the House of those facts. Inflation is now at 4.6% and will fall to 2.8%, and at the end of next year, towards 2025, we will be back to 2%.

“Headline debt is now 94% by end of forecast, down from a predicted 100%. Underlying debt next year is expected to fall to 91.6%, and we are due to meet our fiscal rule of having underlying debt fall as a percentage of GDP by the end of the next financial forecast. We have the second lowest debt in the G7”.

Hunt’s tricky autumn statement puts the Conservative Party on an election footing