‘S***hole’ row: Labour MP Alex Cunningham unhappy with James Cleverly’s ‘apology’

In a point of order today in the House of Commons, Labour MP for Stockton North Alex Cunningham raised the purported comments of home secretary James Cleverly, which he chuntered last week at prime minister’s questions from a sedentary position.

Cunningham has insisted the home secretary called his constituency a “s***hole”.

But Cleverly has repeatedly denied making the remark, saying he instead referred to Cunningham as a “s*** MP”.

Cunningham said today: “It is extremely sad that the home secretary hasn’t the guts to admit his appalling remark made about my Stockton North constituency from the front bench and apologise to the people I have the privilege of representing”.

James Cleverly responded: “I did not, would not, and would never make such comments about his constituents and his constituency. What I said was a comment about him”.

Alex Cunningham: ‘James Cleverly insulted my constituency at PMQs. I won’t let him get away with it’