Rishi Sunak: ‘This King’s Speech delivers change’

Prime minister Rishi Sunak this afternoon insisted that the King’s Speech “delivers change”.

Sunak said: “And above all this, King’s Speech delivers change. Change in our economy. Change in our society. Change in our communities. It takes long term decisions for a brighter future. And I commend it to this House”.

It came after Keir Starmer criticised one of the headline announcements in the speech as “wrong”.

The Labour leader declared: “They are wrong about clean energy. It is cheaper, it is British and it can give us real security from tyrants like Putin”.

Elsewhere he declared: “Today’s address shows just how ridiculous that posturing is because what we have before us is a plan for more of the same”.

It was announced in the King’s Speech that the government would legislate for a new Offshore Petroleum Licensing Bill.

Keir Starmer says PM is ‘wrong’ on clean energy after new oil licensing scheme announced