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Calls are growing for any undocumented migrants who have survived the Grenfell tower fire to be given the right to remain in the UK.

Migrant organisations Runnymede Trust and Migrants' Rights Network have backed a petition set up by the Good Law Project calling for an immediate immigration amnesty for anybody who was living at Grenfell.

It was reported yesterday that government sources have confirmed that the Metropolitan police will take no action if undocumented migrants contact the hotline set up for victims.

However, concerns remain that some survivors of the fire may be deterred from coming forward for support and to access other services.

In a statement released this morning, the two organisations said:

"We are aware that lack of residency status will and is preventing survivors from coming forward to seek the help and support they deserve at this distressing time.

"We need to ensure that justice is available for all victims of Grenfell, including those who are here without papers."

The Joint Council for the Welfare of immigrants (JCWI) is offering free and confidential advice on its helpline for all undocumented migrants.

This comes after the Home Office failed to confirm to whether or not the support being offered to survivors would be available regardless of immigration status.

Update – 21/6/17

London mayor Sadiq Khan has backed calls for an immgration amnesty for all survivors of Grenfell