Pulling out World Cup alone would make no difference, Dyke says

Dyke: FA can’t go it alone

Dyke: FA can’t go it alone

The FA shouldn't unilaterally pull out of the World Cup in protest at corruption at FIfa, Greg Dyke has warned.

The FA chairman told the Andrew Marr programme that any unilateral move to pull out of the World Cup would be largely ignored unless it was part of a group effort with other footballing nations.

"It would be ridiculous to try and do it on your own," he said.

"All we'd do is pull out the World Cup and all everyone would do is say 'see you' and go on without us.

"We were one of the stronger voices. But I don't think there's any point in the FA doing it on its own. We need to do it alongside other countries, other footballing nations."

Dyke suggested Fifa president Seb Blatter, who is facing almost universal criticism across the political spectrum in Britain, may not make it through the whole four years of his new term.

"I don't think Blatter will last four years," he said.

"It would not surprise me if some of those who have been arrested would give Queen's evidence or, in American terminology, do a plea bargain."

Dyke also renewed his own criticism of the Fifa president, saying: "Putting pressure on Seb Blatter is pretty impossible.

"There's been scandal after scandal. He escapes every time."