General election 2010: More Tory pain in London

By Sam Dale

The Conservatives have faced further disappointment in London with defeat and a miniscule swing in Hammersmith.

Andy Slaughter held the seat for Labour which was target number 78 for the Tories.

They managed a 0.5% swing in a manner very similar to their 0.6% swing from Labour in Westminster North.

Shaun Bailey, a favourite of David Cameron, gained only 17,261 and lost by over 3,000 to Mr Slaughter.

The loss of a young, black Conservative candidate will be a huge loss to Mr Cameron who had hoped for an influx of fresh Tories.

The Liberal Democrats’ Melanie Emerson was squeezed with only 7,567 votes.

The south of the constituency is Conservative, the north, home to a large ethnic population and council estates like White City and Edward Woods, is Labour.