BNP’s repatriation policy would cost £9bn a year

By staff

British National party (BNP) leader Nick Griffin would give around 180,000 people £50,000 to leave Britain.

The far-right leader’s repatriation policy would cost £9 billion, in a drastic spending commitment which would leave Britain’s foreign aid budget slashed.

Mr Griffin told the Today programme he would fund the commitment by using money “which at present the government is wasting on ridiculous climate change adaptation policies”.

Initially the BNP leader said that his policy was to completely halt all immigration.

“We’re the most overcrowded country in Europe. What we’re saying is what the British people think,” he said.

He then clarified that in some instances it would be permissible to let some immigrants in, using the example of developing nuclear power plants.

“If for that we need to import a Japanese physicist, we’ll let them come,” he said.

“But we’re talking about Polish plumbers or Afghan refugees, the doors are going to be shut because Britain’s full.”

Mr Griffin then clarified: “The door is shut to any significant numbers whatsoever from anywhere.”

He said it was a “fact” that the “indigenous” British people would be a minority by as soon as 2050.

“The British people’s attitude on this is really very clear,” Mr Griffin insisted.

“The political elite has been trying to ignore it. It’s a political elite project, all this internationalism.”