Boris promises to buy electric car

London Mayor Boris Johnson has promised to trade in his people carrier for an electric car.

Speaking on BBC’s Top Gear, Mr Johnson said he did not want to buy another “internal combustion engine”.

“My Toyota people mover is so old and tired that if it were a dog, you would have it put down,” he said.
“I intend to keep it on the road for another year, for two years, for three years – for however long it takes the car manufacturers to produce a zero emission electric family car.

“Come on, folks, you must be able to do it.”

Mr Johnson is well known for cycling to work, unlike former Mayor Ken Livingstone who cheerfully took the tube to work like other London commuters.

But Mr Johnson’s regime at City Hall provoked the ire of environmentalists after a series of measures which some claim discourages cycling.

Motorbikes are now to be allowed into cycling lanes, and the Congestion Charge’s western extension has been cancelled.