BNP attacked over ‘White History Month’

The British National party (BNP) has attracted scathing criticism over its promotion of a white history month.

The BNP has targeted universities and schools in its campaign, sending out thousands of leaflets to headteachers and university deans as well as student groups.

Part of the BNP’s promotion of white history has been the book March of the Titans, which has been heavily criticised by academics and groups for being a piece of poorly-researched propaganda.

Christine Blower, acting general secretary of the National Union of Teachers (NUT), was angered by the book saying: “The BNP’s latest publication, like all of its literature, has no place in the school curriculum.

“A key purpose of education is to promote respect and equal opportunities. These values are in direct contradiction to BNP policies.”

The BNP has recently been in the news because of a list containing details of its members being released and calls for many named to be fired from their jobs.

BNP leader Nick Griffin was cleared in 2006 of inciting racial hatred over his comments made to supporters about Islam.