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Cumbria Police on track to reduce the backlog

A commitment to tackle firearms licensing delays made during a meeting between BASC and Cumbria Police has been reinforced at a follow-up meeting. Cumbria Police revealed during the latest meeting with BASC that it is making rapid progress and has reduced its backlog of renewals by 57 per cent since the introduction of new resources in… Read more »

Wales Humanists launches report on 100 years of disestablishment
Nigerian humanist Mubarak Bala’s sentence drastically cut by Court of Appeal

The Court of Appeal in Kano has drastically reduced the sentence of Mubarak Bala, imprisoned President of the Nigerian Humanist Association, from 24 years to five. The judges unanimously found that his original sentence for blasphemous Facebook posts was excessive and in contravention of the law. Bala has already been in prison for four years, so this… Read more »

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How bad will Rishi Sunak’s by-election trauma be?

A crunch week for the prime minister could result in three by-election losses in a development that would cap off a sorry few months for Rishi Sunak and his Conservative party. It comes as voters head to the polls in three key constituencies on Thursday — the same day MPs will wave goodbye to their… Read more »

Rishi Sunak: Conservatives set for ‘difficult’ and ‘challenging’ by-elections

The Conservatives will face “challenging” circumstances in upcoming by-elections, the prime minister has said.  Rishi Sunak warned that “mid-term by-elections for incumbent governments are always difficult”, as he faced questions from reporters during the NATO summit in Lithuania. During the exchanges, it was pointed out to Mr Sunak that, if he loses all three scheduled… Read more »