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Patients currently have to opt into the system

Scientists to deny Brown's organ donor rules

Gordon Brown's proposal to make everyone a prospective organ donor unless they actively decline is set to be denied by the government's advisory board next week.

  • Warning over UK's 'organ tourists'

    Warning over UK's 'organ tourists'

    Britons travelling abroad for organ transplants may be receiving organs from donors who have not given their consent, the chief executive of the Human Tissue Authority (HTA) has warned.

  • Abortion numbers rose in 2007

    Under-14 abortions increase 21%

    The government has insisted it is making progress on abortion after 2007 figures show the number of under-14s having abortions jumped by 21 per cent.

  • Scientists say hybrid embryos could help research into some diseases

    MPs back hybrid embryo research

    MPs have voted in favour of allowing scientists to create hybrid embryos for research that supporters say could bring advances in medical treatment.

  • It is the fourth time Mr Cameron has voted against his party

    Cameron votes against party

    David Cameron was in a minority in his own party yesterday when he voted for the human fertilisation and embryology bill, which was passed by 340 votes to 78.

  • Call for non-donors to register objection

    Organ donation 'should be compulsory'

    Organ donation must be made compulsory if the NHS is to meet demand for transplants, the chief medical officer has warned.

  • MPs vote on abortion counselling

    Abortion row moves to Westminster

    MPs will vote whether to restrict abortion access this week, as another senior religious official says MPs who support abortion rights cannot fully participate in the Catholic Church.

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