Clegg launches ‘personal guarantee’ to voters

By staff

Nick Clegg has launched a personal guarantee for voters in a final run of leaflets and newspaper adverts ahead of polling day.

The Lib Dem leader is desperately trying to maintain momentum ahead of Thursday’s vote, and today’s leaflet makes promises on electoral reform, tax and the economy.

“This is my personal guarantee that I will use all the support you give me on Thursday to deliver fairness in Britain,” the pledge reads.

“This election campaign has shown us that millions of people want us to do something different this time.”

The Lib Dem leader, whose popularity could help secure a hung parliament, already seems to be looking toward coalition negotiations on Friday morning.

“Politicians should work together to solve the nation’s biggest problems,” he said.

“That is why, whatever the outcome on Thursday, I believe we should be prepared to work together to fix the terrible state of our public finances and ensure economic stability.

“These are the key steps to a new, fairer Britain. Give me the power of your vote and we can make it happen.”

The leaflets will be handed out at London mainline railway stations from 07.00 BST tomorrow.