• Women are under-represented in top jobs

    Women still missing out on top jobs

    Women are still under-represented in senior jobs and parliament, thirty years after the landmark Sex Discrimination Act was passed, a new report has revealed.

  • Britain's biggest pregnacy service has said current abortion laws are outdated

    Abortion laws 'are arcane'

    Britain's leading pregnancy service has called for a review of abortion laws and for current restrictions requiring two doctors to authorise terminations to be changed.

  • Harriet Harman says the Muslim veil holds women back

    Muslim women 'held back by veil'

    The face veil stops Muslim women taking their "full role" in society, a candidate for the Labour deputy leadership has said.

  • Lib Dem leader Menzies Campbell has unveiled a cash incentive to improve diversity in his party

    Lib Dems back diversity drive

    The Liberal Democrat conference has today supported tough new action to improve the party's representation among women and ethnic minorities.

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