No more Page 3? Murdoch hints at the end of a controversial institution.

Murdoch hints at the end of Page 3

Murdoch hints at the end of Page 3

Campaigners against Page 3 could be about to get their wish after Rupert Murdoch hinted the section could be scrapped.

The topless models featured on the third page of The Sun have long been a source of anger to equality campaigners, with some women's groups conducting weekly protests outside the newspaper's offices.

"Page three so last century! You maybe right, don't know but considering," Murdoch tweeted to a follower on Twitter.

"Perhaps halfway house with glamorous fashionistas."

The tweet is the first concrete sign of uncertainty over the use of topless models from the top of the company.

The comment comes amid what appears to be a growing consensus that the feature is representative of a 1970's mindset which seems increasingly outdated.

"Page 3 has jarred for ages," former News International chairman Les Hinton commented.