Ed Miliband during a Q&A session, exhibiting the sex symbol qualities loved by women across Britain.

Ed Miliband: The surprise sex symbol

Ed Miliband: The surprise sex symbol

Ed Miliband built an unlikely new career as a sex symbol yesterday, after surprised journalists watched him be mobbed by admiring female voters on a campaign trip.

The Labour leader was being interviewed by the Mirror during a tour of Wolverhampton when he was approached by an infatuated supporter.

"You can come back to mine for coffee and dumplings – can I snog you?" asked 29-year-old teaching assistant Wendy Cooper.

The Labour leader replied: "Definitely not, I’ve got a wife."

At this point reporters observed that Miliband had his bum pinched.

"I can't help it, I've been stalking you, watching you on TV," Wendy said.

"He is fit actually. He’s got the nice model legs. If he didn't have a wife you would be taking a photo with my tongue down his throat," she told a nearby journalist.

Back in his car, Miliband later asked his aides who paid the woman and added: "There’s no accounting for taste."

The Labour leader is currently trying to boost support for the police commissioners election this week, but turnout is expected to be low.