London MP demands curfew after riots

By Ian Dunt

One of London's most prominent and liberal MPs has called for a curfew to be imposed this evening.

In a sign that attitudes are hardening after a night of rioting, Hackney Mp Diane Abbott, who is usually associated with civil liberties campaigns, called for the move after surveying the wreckage on her constituency.

"I have not heard of a curfew on mainland Britain in the past century," she said.

"[It's] very difficult to impose. I'm not saying that it is definitely the way forward but it is something we have to consider."

Online polls have found that a healthy majority of the public believe the action is a suitable response to the crisis, which has seen anarchy in London and other urban areas across Britain.

Ms Abbott won plaudits across the political spectrum last night, as she stayed out on the streets during the violence, talking to the local community and the media.