May ‘changes mind’ about gay adoption

By staff

The new equalities minister has changed her mind on the issue of gay adoption, just days after accepting the post – to cries of disapproval from activists.

Theresa May, who holds the women and equalities brief along with her Home Office role, was challenged on her voting record during last night’s Question Time.

A Facebook group was quickly set up when she was confirmed for the role highlighting her voting record on gay rights issues, including a vote against gay adoption and another against the repeal of Section 28. She was absent during a vote on the gender recognition bill which gave legal rights to transsexuals.

“If those votes were today, yes, I have changed my view and I think I would take a different vote,” she said last night.

“On gay adoption I have changed my mind… because I have been persuaded that when you are looking at the future for a child, I think it’s better for a child who is perhaps in an institutional environment, if they have an opportunity of being in a stable, family environment – be that a heterosexual couple or a gay couple – then I think it’s more important that that child is in that stable and loving environment and I have genuinely changed my mind on that.”

Caroline Flint, former Labour housing minister, accepted the change of view.

“I’m pleased Theresa’s changed her mind and we should accept when people change their mind and welcome that,” she said.

Yesterday’s coalition policy document pledges to prevent the deportation of gay asylum seekers who could face violence in their home country.