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Humanists UK welcomes Ofsted’s call to tackle illegal schools and improve RE

Ofsted has called on the Government to take action on illegal schools. The call came in Ofsted’s latest annual report, published yesterday. The report also highlighted that religious education (RE) provision in English state schools is ‘not fit for purpose’, and that independent faith schools perform very badly in Ofsted inspections. Humanists UK, which has led the… Read more »

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Dual regulation for medical professionals is risky and unfair says MDU

Speaking at an event today, the Medical Defence Union (MDU) said the expected arrival of a dual system of regulation at the GMC next year could introduce confusion to an already outdated system of healthcare professional regulation. While speaking at the Westminster Health Forum event today on Next steps for professional healthcare regulation in the UK,… Read more »

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Rishi Sunak could learn to fear the ‘One Nation Conservative’

Here are two seemingly paradoxical pointers that are always worth bearing in mind when it comes to Rishi Sunak’s party management dilemmas: (1) the PM, an early Brexit backer, is not a one nation, moderate Conservative; and, (2), despite this, he was carried into 10 Downing Street on a wave of support from one nation,… Read more »