Derby Conservatives given Lib Dem support

By Tobias Benedetto

The new politics is catching – Derby City Council will have a Conservative administration propped up with the support of Liberal Democrat councillors.

The two groups agreed to a two-year programme of ‘mutual support’ today.

Conservative councillor Harvey Jennings will lead the new administration.

Mr Jennings said: “Derby needs a period of stability during what are very challenging times economically. We need to think of the greater good and well being of the people of Derby. The public and our partners need this reassurance of stability allowing us to run a council that is fit for purpose.

“I will be meeting with my group tonight to agree the cabinet for the council and the details of this will be published tomorrow.”

Former leader of the minority Lib Dem administration and leader of her party group Hilary Jones added: “I am pleased we have been able to reach an agreement on a two year programme of mutual support. This means the uncertainty for the city will end today and we can concentrate on making decisions to improve the quality of life for people in Derby.”

The proposed administration will be presented to full council next week for official vote. With a mutual support agreement in place, it is expected the proposal will be carried.

The Conservatives have 18 seats on the council, with 17 held by the Lib Dems and 16 by Labour.