Labour secure Dr Who for first election broadcast

By staff

Dr Who star David Tennant has taken part in Labour’s first election video.

The video, which will begin being broadcast today, has a voiceover by former Dr Who actor Mr Tennant, and stars film star Sean Pertwee.

Mr Pertwee is shown walking down a road describing the path to recovery taken by Labour and berating the Conservatives for their opposition to government action at the height of the financial crisis.

“There are real signs that we are on the right road and I really don’t think now is the time to change direction, to cut and run,” he says, while walking down a country road.

“All around the world, economists are saying ‘See this through’. The Conservatives say they know better. They want to take us on a different path.

“Things are still fragile, which is why now is not the time to change teams and go off in a different direction.

“Resolve. Let’s continue using our experience with the global community to support our economy, getting British families and businesses back on their feet again. Only Labour will keep us on this road to recovery.”

Towards the end of the broadcast the sun starts to shine and Mr Tennant does a short voice-over.

“We have been through tough times, but by staying on the right road, we can make Britain the country we all want it to be, to build a future that is fair for all of us,” he says.