Another Labour MP to stand down

By Alex Stevenson

Expenses MP Paddy Tipping has said poor health prevents him standing for parliament again at the general election.

The announcement makes him the latest in a series of MPs who will not be seeking re-election in the wake of the expenses scandal.

Mr Tipping, a Labour backbencher, had to pay back over £14,000 in mortgage interest payments after it emerged he had taken out a larger mortgage to improve his flat in London. He subsequently suffered a heart attack on June 27th.

The Sherwood MP said he had informed party members he would not stand again earlier this week. The decision was announced now in order to give his party time to choose an alternative, he pressed.

“This has been a difficult decision, which I have taken reluctantly,” Mr Tipping said.

“I have been ill this year and although I have made a good recovery, I don’t want to be in a position where, if re-elected, I would not be fit enough to pursue issues both locally and nationally as vigorously as I would want.

“I’ve always tried to be a very active and involved constituency MP. I want to be remembered for this, rather than taking a back seat in the next parliament.”

Over 100 MPs will not be seeking re-election at the general election, which must be called by early June 2010.