Leading Tory MEP expelled from party

By politics.co.uk staff

A senior Conservative MEP has been expelled from the party, having refused to obey orders about standing for election as vice-president of the European parliament.

Edward McMillan-Scott, a former leader of the Tory MEPs who has served in the parliament for 25 years, had the party whip withdrawn in July after he stood against Michal Kaminski – a Polish MEP who was the preferred candidate of the Conservatives’ new European Conservatives and Reformists (ECR) group – in the election.

Shadow foreign secretary William Hague yesterday took the decision to expel Mr McMillan after he refused to back down over the issue.

“After 42 years in the party, 25 as an MEP and four years as leader of the MEPs, the party should trust me not to make political mistakes,” Mr McMillan said in a statement.

“The issue is my standing and winning on July 14th on a point of principle against a wholly inappropriate and unsuitable candidate as vice-president of the European parliament, imposed as part of David Cameron’s new European group.

“I will not be a scapegoat for this.

“David Cameron has been exploited by those in his party who want Britain to leave Europe: I want Britain to lead in Europe.

“I shall be appealing against this decision.”

In a deal brokered by Mr Cameron, it had been decided Mr Kaminski would be the ECR’s official candidate.

Mr McMillan, who had already served for two terms as vice-president for the Conservatives’ former group the European People’s party (EPP), has previously claimed Mr Kaminski had links to the far-right National Revival of Poland organisation.